Promoting healthy lifestyles

The food and drink industry actively supports, and often leads the way, in promoting healthier lifestyles. By engaging in product development, optimising portion sizes and providing easily accessible nutritional information to consumers, food and drink companies have been delivering meaningful results.

FoodDrinkEurope members play a constructive role by supporting a wide range of initiatives to promote education, including lifestyle modification and physical activity promotion. Much of this work is done in partnership with public authorities, public health professionals and other stakeholders – at the global, national, regional and community level.

Many FoodDrinkEurope members also offer workplace wellness programmes that provide a variety of plans and tools to help employees improve and sustain overall health and wellbeing.

What we’re doing

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Magic Breakfast

Pepsico-United Kingdom

Encouraging employees to be active and leading by example

Tate & Lyle

Cargill’s support to the Lincoln City FC Sport & Education Trust

Cargill-United Kingdom

Czech Healthy Lifestyle Declaration

PK ČR-Czech republic

Nutritional Policy Charter




Cerealis nutrition projects


Eat Well, Play Safe

Cargill-United Kingdom

Bielice run in Poland


Public-private collaboration for the promotion of healthy lifestyles


Living and Playing Healthily

PK ČR-Czech republic

‘Clever Naschen’ and ‘Lale’ in Germany