Product formulation & innovation

The European food and drink industry is constantly responding to consumer demands by providing a wide range of nutritious, safe and enjoyable food products which differ in energy and nutrient content in the context of a balanced diet.

FoodDrinkEurope members have made a commitment to the EU Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health to optimise the nutritional content when preparing existing products or creating innovating ones, whenever relevant and possible. The result is a greater choice of new, fortified and reviewed products in a greater variety of serving sizes that make it easier for European citizens to make healthy dietary choices.

What we’re doing

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Performance with Purpose


Sugar reduction in soy and plant-based drinks


Better products


Study on reformulation in the Czech market

PK ČR-Czech republic


Tate & Lyle

Chocolate and confectionery products reformulation


New agreement on product reformulation


Reformulation Programme


Prize for the best innovative food products

PK ČR-Czech republic

Dehydrated products

PK ČR-Czech republic

Valio ValSa® – less salt with the same taste

VALIO - ETL-Finland

Reducing trans fats