Unilever’s Responsible Marketing and Advertising Principles


Advocating responsible marketing to children around the world

In 2018, Unilever’s individual compliance rate was 99% for TV and 100% overall for digital (8/8 compliant websites and 6/6 compliant social media profiles). 

Advertising food and drink products to children requires a highly responsible approach. In 2003, Unilever developed a set of Global Principles for Responsible Food and Beverage Marketing. In October 2014, the Principles were further updated. These principles cover all marketing activities and communications, including product packaging/labelling and point of sale materials and the entail the following criteria:

  • Advertising to children below 6 will be prohibited while all marketing communications directed at children between six and 12 years of age will meet Unilever’s nutrition criteria;
  • Licensed or non-licensed cartoon characters and celebrities appealing to children aged between 6 and 12 will only be used on and in association with products meeting Unilever’s nutrition criteria;
  • There will be no promotion of brands or products in primary schools, unless where specifically requested by, or agreed with the school administration. For example, Unilever may participate in campaigns for educational purposes. This will only apply to brands and products that fulfil Unilever’s nutrition criteria.

Unilever remains committed to continue to drive industry-wide, voluntary initiatives (pledges), to advocate responsible marketing to children around the world.