Snacks & the EU Pledge


Nearly 99% of TV ads compliant with EU Pledge and 100% on company-owned websites

Savoury snack manufacturers believe in the value of commercial communication and advertise their products for competitive reasons, abiding by European and national advertising regulation and codes. ESA members support responsible marketing communications initiatives and have endorsed guidelines on commercial communication and vending.

In 2010, all ESA board member companies – which cover the bulk of advertising expenditure in the European savoury snacks market – joined the EU Pledge, fulfilling the EU Pledge criteria for responsible advertising communication to children under the age of 12.

Results so far have been very positive, with ESA Pledge signatories performing very high rates of compliance since the association joined the EU Pledge. On TV advertising in 2015, almost 99% of the spots were compliant with the EU Pledge rules whereas this number goes up to 100% compliance for company-owned websites.


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