A responsible approach to food advertising to children.

At EU level, since 2009, Ferrero participates to the EU Pledge, an initiative which foresees a series of commitments towards a responsible approach to food advertising to children under 12 on TV, internet and press. In particular, the current EU Pledge commitments of the Ferrero Group are as follows:

1) Commitment on advertising in children’s media (TV, Internet and Print)

In line with the EU PLEDGE “Enhanced 2012 commitments”, since 1st January 2013 the FERRERO Group does not advertise any of its products to media audiences with a minimum of 35% of children under 12 years. Regarding internet, such commitments applies to third-party internet advertising, as well as to company-owned websites. Even after the entry into force on 1st January 2015 of the “common EU Pledge Nutrition Criteria”, Ferrero remains committed to not advertise any of its products to children under 12 years in the 28 EU member states.

2) Commitment on communications in schools

Ferrero believes that, in many situations, sponsorship agreements can be beneficial for funding essential educational activities, such as the development of sports in schools. However, such activities should take place only with the express agreement of the competent school authorities concerned.

In line with the above considerations, Ferrero does not carry out any communication related to its products in primary school, except where specifically requested by, or agreed with, the school administration, for educational purposes.