Soft drinks industry’s responsible marketing and advertising practices to children


No advertising or marketing of any soft drinks to children under 13 across all media

UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe has ensured responsible marketing practices towards children since 2006 by pledging not to advertise any soft drinks to children under 12 on television and on the radio, in print and online, including social media and on company-owned websites.

In June 2021, UNESDA further strengthened its commitment not to market or advertise any soft drinks to children with the announcement of additional actions. It raised the minimum age limit to 13 years old and lowered the audience threshold to 30% so that in practice fewer young children will be directly exposed to advertising for any of its soft drinks. It also expanded the scope of channels where it will not market or advertise.

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UNESDA members remain committed to ensuring that their commitments are fully implemented across the EU to help create healthier food environments.

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