Joint research project to develop new technologies for salt reduction

In 2017 funding for the second phase of the project was approved by the Innovation Agency. The project, called ReduSalt, is led by the industry research institute RISE and includes in total 17 actors, coming from the food industry, retailers, restaurants, the National Food Agency and one consumer organisation. Further companies have expressed their wish to join the project. Model products for meat products, soft bread, dry powder and sauces/soups have been tested in small scale. 

In 2016, the first phase of the project was concluded and identified a number of innovative combinations of methodologies for reducing salt content in different food categories. The Swedish Food Federation and the other project partners have, on this basis, worked on a submission to the Innovation Agency to secure funding for the second phase of the project where the aim is that these combinations of methodologies will be further elaborated and tested.

The Swedish Food Federation is involved in a joint research project that aims to develop new technologies for salt reduction, without compromising food quality and food safety.

The project, which is jointly funded by the government and companies in the food chain, started in 2015 and is expected to take place over a period of two and a half year with an investment of 1 million euros.

The project aims to contribute to reducing salt intake in the Swedish population.

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