With a particular focus on rugby, this programme teaches 7-8 year olds about their own health and wellbeing to better understand what constitutes a balanced diet

Cargill supports the Premiership Rugby’s ‘Something to Chew On’ programme, an interactive project aimed at teaching 7-8 year olds about their own health and wellbeing with a rugby focus.

The project, which is rolled out in Manchester, UK, aims to improve children’s understanding of what constitutes healthy eating and a healthy diet, increase children’s understanding of food safety, increase children’s uptake of physical activity and raise awareness of the food competencies amongst teachers.

So far, in its first year or running, the project has reached 10 schools and over 250 children with nutritional and physical education lessons and has received excellent feedback from these schools. In the future it is envisaged that the project can be rolled out to more schools and for teacher education so that they can continue to run the project in the schools that have already been reached.

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