European gateway to consumer information:


Helping consumers understand recommended maximum drinking levels and effects of harmful consumption patterns

Between 23 and 27 May 2016 a temporary screen was set up in one street of Brussels showing a 10s spot promoting with the tag line “made with love & care, to be consumed with love & care”.

In addition, in the week between 14 and 18 November spiritsEurope ran an Advertising campaign in 12 Metro Stations around the Schuman area in Brussels (35 posters in total), promoting information on calorie per standard drink.

The website had 4,596 average monthly users in 2016, with almost 50% of traffic being generated from referrals from members’ brand websites.

In July 2015, spiritsEUROPE launched its revamped European consumer information. The website, and the 24 national information websites it links to, is intended to help consumers work out how much is too much, and to weigh up the pros and cons when deciding whether or not to drink.

Moderate alcohol consumption is compatible with a healthy lifestyle. The “Moderation by numbers” section offers information to consumers on what the low-risk drinking guidelines are for healthy adult men and women (i.e. consumption at a level where acute and chronic risks are similar to abstainers). It also includes warning of the danger of heavy drinking episodes and explain why zero consumption is necessary for minors, when driving and when pregnant and breastfeeding.

This information is also available in short video format (see here).

The website also provides information on how to assess calories in alcoholic beverages by providing calorie information by standard drink (and not by 100ml). The information is also available for a random selection of drinks available on the market. Consumers can therefore access relevant, easily understandable information.

The website helps assess how much ethanol is in a “drink”, a “unit” or a “standard drink”. As the measure differs between countries, depending on culture and tradition, we invite consumers to visit their national consumer information website and use the “drinks calculator” to assess how much alcohol is in their favourite drinks. Last but not least, the website also provides “Tips & Tricks” for consumers to make their drinking occasion one to remember and not one to forget! (see our call to moderation)

This European portal is complemented by information websites developed by individual producers and national federations. They are promoted through their labels, point of sale material and advertising.

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