Supporting Kiddy Cook to help build nutrition awareness among children

In 2018,  Cargill in Manchester has started supporting a schools programme called the “SHINE” programme, delivered by the Hallé Orchestra and its musicians and an element of this involves KiddyCook visiting the pupils, who are in schools in deprived areas of Manchester, to teach them the importance of healthy eating.

Cargill has been supporting Kiddy Cook since 2010 to help build nutrition awareness among children in a fun and interactive way. Cargill’s support has helped Kiddy Cook deliver cooking activity workshops in six different schools, benefitting more than 3,500 children in Manchester, UK. The ability to prepare food and to follow a recipe can have a real impact on young people’s food choices. Encouraging children to cook is great for creating healthy eating habits, while improving self-confidence and self-esteem, and developing skills for life.


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