Kellogg’s Breakfasts for Better Days™


Promoting the importance of breakfast by donating 1 billion servings of cereal and snacks to those in need by end of 2016

In 2013, Kellogg’s launched its global signature initiative “Breakfasts for Better Days™” with a pledge to donate 1 billion servings of cereal and snacks to those in need by the end of 2016. Through this programme, Kellogg continues to support and expand its breakfast programmes, maximise product donations and advocate for the important role breakfast plays in the diet. In Europe, over the past 2 years alone, Kellogg has donated more than €1.1 million through the Kellogg Company Fund to 264 community breakfast projects in 9 countries, providing 1.8 million breakfasts. Indeed, Kellogg’s support for breakfast clubs dates back over 15 years and with one in three children in Europe missing out on breakfast at least one weekday every week, these clubs provide them with a nutritious start to the day. In addition to clubs within the school environment, in 2014, Kellogg launched a new approach with pilots during the school holidays and in the wider community to provide continued nutritional support when school is not in session. Kellogg works with local partners and charities to deliver the programme. Whilst Kellogg supports and finances the clubs, it is up to the management to select the choice of breakfast products on offer appropriate to the local culture and context.

Kellogg Breakfasts for better days

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