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The Coca-Cola Company

30% fewer calories with stevia extract partially replacing sugar

Since its approval for use in food & beverages in Europe in 2011, the Coca- Cola Company has introduced 30 beverages containing the naturally-sourced stevia leaf extract for brands such as Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Nestea, and Cappy in 26 EU Member States.

All of these beverages contain minimum 30% fewer calories due to the stevia extract partially replacing sugar. These new beverages are either replacing existing ones, as is the case for Nestea or Sprite Stevia, which in countries such as France, Poland, Greece, UK, Belgium, the Netherlands has replaced classic Sprite, or expanding the reduced-calorie options for brands as in the case of brand Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola Life, its first lower-calorie cola sweetened from natural sources, has now been introduced in Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxemburg, Switzerland and The Netherlands. The rollout of Coca-Cola Life in other markets is being explored.

Coca Cola Life

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