In Europe, more than 380 new zero and low sugar beverages and over 280 reformulated beverages

The Coca-Cola Company

At The Coca-Cola Company, we have made the decisive shift to become a total beverage company. We are giving people around the world more of the drinks they want and how they want them – whether that means less sugar, more natural sources, or organic.

Because we agree that people should not eat or drink too much sugar, we are taking specific, meaningful actions, including reducing sugar in our drinks to help people everywhere more easily control added sugar intake.

While sugar in moderation is fine, we agree that too much of it isn’t good for anyone. We support the current recommendations of several leading health authorities that individuals should not consume more than 10% of their total calories from added sugar.

We started on a journey to reduce the amount of sugar in our beverages in Europe years ago, through a mix of different tools: reformulation, innovation, smaller portion sizes and promoting low-and no-calorie drinks. In Europe, together with our industry peers, we met and exceeded our European soft drinks industry (UNESDA) commitment to reduce added sugars by 10% by 2020, as laid out in the EU Added Sugars Annex, and reduced added sugars by 14.6% (2015-2019).

We remain committed to no sales or marketing in primary schools and, since 2018, we offer only low or no-calorie drinks in secondary schools across the European Union.

Further information about Coca-Cola’s actions towards helping to create healthier food environments in Europe can be found in this infographic.


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