Sugar and fat reduction


Providing consumers with healthier choices with lower sugar and fat content in products

In line with the aim to provide consumers with healthier choices, PepsiCo has recently launched products with lower sugar and fat content in some markets.

For example, Walkers Pops contain half the fat of standard potato crisps and Trop50 orange juice contains 50% less sugar and 50% less calories than before. These product innovations have been well received by consumers.

Pepsico Trop 50

Products defined as healthier by the UK’s OFCOM Nutrient Profile Model accounted for over 50% of PepsiCo’s total UK sales volume in 2013. In addition, consumers recognised those efforts by voting Trop50 as Drink Product of the Year in the 2014 Survey of Product Innovation.

PepsiCo Walkers Pops 50 less fat