International Call for Well-Being – Product formulation and innovation

Mondelēz International

Expanding Well-being Choices and enhancing the goodness of our brands

In 2017, Mondelez launched a sub-range of savoury snacks under Belin brand in France, with improved nutritional profiles vs average of the market of “apéritif” biscuits:

– Crackini, 2 variants (Sweet chili, Cheese&onion) with -40% salt;

– Les Recettes, 2 variants (Tomato & sweet chili, Chickpea, sour cream & chives) with -75% saturated fats and -50% salt.

In 2017, Mondelez launched new portion control products (individually wrapped and max 200 kcal), for example:

– Milka brownies, 25g or 30g individual portions sold x6 in folding box, in several EU countries;

– Granola brownies, 2 variants (dark chocolate and hazelnut), 30g x6 in a folding box, in France;

– Petit Lu Moelleux, 2 variants (plain and chocolate chip), 28g x5 in a folding box, in France;

– Milka Tender Break, 2 variants (plain and cocoa dough), 26g x 6 in a folding box, in several EU countries. 

Mondelez also extended the sale of portion control products in new countries e.g. belVita soft red berries (50g) launched in Belgium and the Netherlands. Some products have been downsized to fit with Mondelez’s portion control criteria, for example Milka Nussini bar (from 37 to 31,5g), sold in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain. 

At Mondelēz International, well-being means focusing where we can have a significant impact on global societal issues. It’s about making a positive change in the world – for people, communities and the environment. We don’t have all the answers, so we partner with experts who can help us figure out innovative ways to make a difference. And we’re committed to being open about the challenges we’re facing and transparently reporting on the progress we’re making.

In 2015, we reviewed our strategy to promote improved health and well-being through portfolio enhancements, clear consumer communication and community partnerships.

The Mondelēz International Call for Well-Being is:

• A call-to-action to work together with our suppliers and partners to drive growth and our impact
• Focused on areas where we can make the biggest impact with innovative solutions
• A holistic approach focused on four well-being areas important to our business and our world, and where we believe we can affect real and lasting change: Well-being Snacks, Sustainability, Communities, Safety

Our collective efforts will enable our business to grow, operate more efficiently and ensure a sustainable future for our farmers and consumers. To do so, we partner with community organizations to create better solutions.

Next steps:

Expand Well-being Choices Portfolio
• Deliver 25% of revenue from Better Choices by 2020
• Increase individually wrapped Portion Control options 25% by 2020

Enhance the goodness of our brands
• Reduce saturated fat and sodium 10% by 2020
• Increase whole grains 25% by 2020
• Reduce artificial flavors and/or colors from key brands


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