Green Giant improved sodium content of its canned vegetables in Europe

General Mills

25% reduction of salt content in Green Giant canned vegetables

Around the world, consumers eat an average of 9 to 12 grams of salt a day. Many health authorities recommend reducing this around to 6 grams a day.

Since 2009, General Mills and Green Giant have steadily cut the sodium in its product portfolio, leading to a reduction of salt content of its canned vegetables by 25%. This sodium reduction has already been implemented in 90% of Green Giant products, including sweet corn, artichokes and hearts of palm.

General Mills Green Giant

As consumers have historically have been sensitive to changes in product taste, a dedicated team of researchers has been established to reduce sodium in foods through gradual reductions, taking consumers’ requirements into consideration. To maximize the impact on dietary intake, efforts are focused on the best-selling products. Nutrition standards are also applied to ensure that sodium levels are a key consideration when developing new products.