Reducing sugar content by 12%, improving consumer information and raising awareness about the nutritional value of products

In 2008, the French producers of jams, compotes and fruits in syrup who are members of the French national Federation of Processed Foods (FIAC) signed a ‘Charter of commitment to progress in nutrition’ as part of the National Programme for Nutrition and Health (PNNS).

The Charter consisted of 8 commitments designed to achieve 3 main goals:

  1. reduce the average sugar content in compotes, jams and fruits in syrup;
  2. improve the information to the consumer; and
  3. develop a common communication strategy to promote the quality of the products made of processed fruits.


The main goals were achieved by 2010:

  1. The average sugar content of products containing processed fruits was reduced by 12% between 2006 and 2010. The production of low-sugar (and no added sugar) products increased and the producers saved 21 tonnes of sugar.
  2. In addition, the consumer information was improved by introducing a labelling system on the nutritional content which was implemented by 97% of the member companies of FIAC.
  3. Finally, several communication programmes targeting health professionals and the public were implemented in order to raise awareness about the nutritional value of these products. A website ( was also set up to inform the public.

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