French delimeat industry commitment to food product optimisation


Optimising the nutritional composition of meat products

The products of the Fédération française des industriels charcutiers, traiteurs, transformateurs de viands (FICT) are defined by a “Code des Usages” (Code of Uses) which defines the rules for the use of traditional names for French charcuterie (450 products, 1 million tons / year).

In 2016, FICT introduced nutritional criteria for fat and salt per product category for 50% of the volumes produced. FICT is committed to continue working in this direction.

In 2020, 75% of production will comply with the nutritional criteria which led to optimising the composition of about 15% of the products highest in fat and salt. Additionally FICT limited the use of nitrite/nitrate by 20% . FICT also provides consumers with consumption guidelines to promote balanced diets in accordance with official recommendations.