The Federal Minister and the food industry agreed on a reduction and innovation strategy

Based on the coalition agreement of the new federal government (March 2018), Federal Minister Julia Klöckner and various associations of the food industry have agreed on a framework agreement on the reduction and innovation strategy recently.

The framework agreement represents the basis for different measures, yet to be agreed, for the prevention of overweight and diet-related diseases. Different measures can be taken like for example portion sizes of food, information, product innovation or reformulation. In doing so, sector and company-specific prerequisites are taken into account as well as initiatives and activities that have already been achieved by the food industry in recent years. The significant reduction of trans fatty acids in food which could be achieved through a voluntary agreement of the food industry with the Federal Ministry of food and agriculture is a successful example for such initiatives.

A concept for an overall strategy shall be developed on the basis of this framework by the end of the year.