Continually developing better breakfast foods and encouraging healthy, active lifestyles

In early 2015, the Kellogg Company announced its “Global Breakfast Food Beliefs”, which include commitments to continually develop better breakfast foods and encourage healthy and active lifestyles. Among these beliefs are specific targets for providing more beneficial nutrients, such as protein, fibre, key vitamins and minerals, and continuing to reduce sugar and salt in Kellogg’s breakfast cereal portfolio in line with consumer acceptance. 

Kellogg Food Beliefs

In Europe, Kellogg has reduced the salt content of its breakfast cereals by over 50% in the last 15 years. Kellogg continues to review its recipes to make further reductions when possible and in 2015, for example, Kellogg further reduced salt in its Kellogg Corn Flakes® brand. Through innovation and renovation, consumers are provided with reduced and lower sugar options, for example in the Special K® flakes which were relaunched in 2015 delivering not only reduced sugar but also an optimized bundle of micronutrients, fibre and wholegrain.  In addition, all of Kellogg’s children’s cereals in Europe now contain vitamin D, in line with local regulations, which has many health benefits.

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