Continually improving the taste and nutritional quality of products

At the end of 2017

– 63% of Unilever’s total Foods portfolio (including Food Solutions) was compliant with product benchmarks that enable consumers to ensure(?) intakes of no more than 5g salt per day. 

– 80% of soft vegetable oil spreads contained no more than 33% saturated fat (as a proportion of total fat) and 67% of good unsaturated fat. 

– Unilever kept its commitment that none of its products would contain trans fat originating from partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. This target was already achieved at the end of 2012. 

– a 2.8% sugar reduction compared to 2016 was achieved. 

– 100% of Unilever children’s ice creams contained 110 kilocalories or fewer per portion. 90% of Unilever global packaged ice cream by volume contained 250 kilocalories or less per portion.


Over 1 billion people enjoy Unilever’s foods and refreshment brands every day. Unilever recognises that with this comes responsibility, Unilever’s commitment is to continually work to improve the taste and nutritional quality of its products.

The majority of Unilever’s products meet, or are better than, benchmarks based on national nutritional recommendations. By 2020, Unilever pledges to double the proportion of its portfolio that meets the highest nutritional standards, based on globally recognised dietary guidelines.

Since 2003, Unilever has systematically reviewed its entire foods portfolio for their levels of trans fat, saturated fat, sodium, sugars and calories. This has led to thousands of tonnes of these nutrients being eliminated from its portfolio.

In 2014, 33% of Unilever’s total portfolio (by volume) met the highest nutritional standards. Having achieved its target that 100% of Unilever’s children’s ice creams contain fewer than 110 kilocalories per portion, Unilever now pledges that, by 2015, 80% of its packaged ice cream products globally will not exceed 250 kilocalories per portion. All nutrition improvements are conducted ensuring that consumers’ expectations for taste and quality continue to be met.

Better Products Commitment