Voluntary information on front of pack on 100% of eligible Ferrero products.

In compliance with the current legislation in different countries, Ferrero offers to its consumers correct and transparent nutritional information. In addition to what already foreseen by the law, Ferrero pledges to provide voluntary nutritional information on the front of pack, in order to have more readable and comprehensive labels.

In line with Regulation (EU) 1169/2011 on food information to consumers, the Ferrero Group renewed and updated its commitment for the provision of voluntary additional nutritional information on the front of pack. The commitment is based on the FoodDrinkEurope recommendation and Ferrero applies it to all its Kinder and Nutella products, as well as to all the Ferrero snacks.

In the European Union, the commitment to provide voluntary information on front of pack covers 100% of eligible Ferrero products (Nutella, Kinder and the Ferrero snacks).

In order to ensure the necessary coherence, the Ferrero Group continues to work in order to extend this voluntary information also outside Europe.