Learning more about the use of starch based ingredients

In May 2019, Starch Europe have launched a new expanded version of their digital information platform StarchinFood.eu. Building on the success of the original Q&A site launched in 2017, this new platform aims to act as a more complete central hub for information of all levels on the many and varied ingredients of the European Starch industry used in food.

The new Starch in Food has added sections with information on the various ingredients, including what it is, why it is used, and nutritional and labelling information, to help consumers know and understand the ingredients in their food. A science corner complements the information with a library of references to scientific studies on the ingredients, and the original questions and answers remain and will continue to be regularly updated to answer any questions consumers may have. 

In June 2017, Starch Europe launched a new online Q&A platform “Starch in Food: your questions answered”, inviting visitors to learn more about the use of all starch based ingredients, including modified starch and starch-based sugars in food through a set of Q&As, a video and an interactive infographic. Representing a B2B sector this is Starch Europe’s first attempt to communicate directly to consumers and is a response to their growing demand to better understand where these ingredients come from and why they are used in food products.

In the first two weeks after launch the new site received over 1,700 visits from 1,300 different visitors, and a number of new questions from visitors to the site have been submitted and answered. It is an encouraging start to the EU starch industry’s first attempt to better inform consumers about the starch based ingredients in the food and drinks they consume. In order to maintain interest in the platform, new questions and answers will be regularly added to the site and Starch Europe and its members will continue to promote the site in contacts with customers and through traditional and social media channels.